Warranty Direct has been a leader in the extended auto warranty industry for over 30 years. Their unique approach of “customers first” is what makes their business so successful and has earned them many awards, including a Forbes Top 200 company.

All of the claims are handled in-house so you can feel confident that your claim will be completed quickly and with the utmost care.

Coverage Features

With nine total coverages, Warranty Direct has more options than most services. And while other companies offer higher numbers, Warranty Direct accepts any vehicle made after 2000 and with under 200,000 miles to be eligible for coverage. These numbers give you an excellent chance to find the best coverage for your car.

Warranty Plans

Warranty Direct separates its plans into three types – new, used and high-mileage.

The New Vehicle coverage has the “ultimate exclusionary protection” Elite Advantage plan.

The Premier Advantage covers almost as much but leaves the emissions system and luxury components as optional.