United States Warranty Corp. was founded in 1975, focusing on the unmet needs of the auto dealers in the Florida marketplace. Their ongoing business has earned them the distinction of being the oldest licensed warranty provider in the state of Florida. In nearly 40 years, they’ve steadily grown their business to include thousands of auto dealers, throughout the United States.

Coverage Features

USWC offers a multitude of Vehicle Service Contract options for you to choose from. Available for new, pre-owned, and certified vehicles, their coverages are some of the most comprehensive in the marketplace.

Warranty Plans

USWC offers many plans that provide coverage from the following:

  • vehicle theft protection
  • key replacement
  • paintless dent repair
  • us wear & tear
  • appearance protection
  • identity theft recovery
  • auto deductible reimbursement
  • installment programs
  • credit repair
  • roadside assistance
  • GPS theft recovery
  • credit life & disability