Protecting your vehicle with Protection Direct is a great way to ensure that coverage extends well beyond the life of the manufacturer’s warranty. When the inevitable happens with your vehicle, you can rest assured that Protection Direct will safeguard your budget and your peace of mind.

Coverage Features

With an array of covered items, Protection Direct saves you time, money and effort from having to go through tedious work of finding the right coverage for you. Simply find the plan that suits you below.

Warranty Plans

PREMIER: Exclusionary, new car coverage, computers and sensors.

PLATINUM: Engine, Transmission, Steering, Hi-Tech Electrical, GPS, Radio, Brakes, Suspension, Fuel System, A/C, Fluids.

GOLD: Engine, Transmission, Steering, Electrical, Cooling System, Fuel System, Brakes, A/C.

ELITE: Engine, Transmission, Electrical, Power Windows, Locks, Fuel System, A/C.

DIAMOND: Engine, Transmission, Alternator, Starter, Steering, A/C.

POWERTRAIN: Engine, Transmission, 4×4 Drive.