Since 1988, the Penn Warranty Corporation has provided quality service contracts and reliable service you can trust. After providing service for more than 15,000 vehicle dealers, people have recognized them as the industry leader of service contracts for pre-owned vehicles.

Coverage Features

PWC is one of the few service contract providers that cover wear. If a covered component is worn beyond a manufacturer’s service limits, it is covered under all of their contracts. This includes such items as rings and valve guides. In addition, unlike competitors, covered components do not have to be internally lubricated.

Warranty Plans

Consider the following to determine what coverage plan is right for you:

  • How many miles you will drive a month
  • How long you plan on owning your vehicle
  • How much it will cost you in repairs throughout the life of your vehicle
  • Not all plans are available in all states

You may contact them here for more information: https://www.pennwarranty.com/contact-us/