Gaming Chairs

High quality and durable gaming chairs can take your gaming and computer experience to the next level. Here are the best gaming chairs that you can enjoy for many years.

Best Gaming Chairs Featured in This Roundup:

List of the Best Gaming Chairs

1. GT Racing Gaming Chair

Affordable, comfortable, and made of high quality materials
Product Highlights
  • Good value chair for the price it comes with
An affordable mid-range chair that provides many features Compatible with Bluetooth devices to deliver music straight to your chair
Bluetooth music is not compatible with gaming consoles. May be vulnerable to damage as the material is not made from leather
Bottom Line

The GT Racing Gaming Chair tries it's best to produce the best gaming chair by giving us excellent features, which almost succeeds in delivering the ultimate gaming experience. Unfortunately, they fall short of that achievement by producing an underdeveloped Bluetooth audio system that can't provide the features it claims to have. Being unable to play music straight from our consoles is a big turn off and may make customers regret the purchase.

However, for those who don't get these issues, then it's safe to say that you've hit the jackpot with this well-designed chair that not only looks after your playing needs, but also promotes a healthy sitting position, and tends to your every need in terms of comfort. In the end, the GT Racing Gaming Chair is a potentially excellent addition to your man cave and will add more reasons never to leave your room again.

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2. Noble Chairs Hero Chair

Perfect for prolonged gaming sessions
Product Highlights
  • The ergonomic design speaks to a broader audience
Well designed chair with equally impressive functions Uses premium materials for the best quality
Delivery issues where some parts and tools are missing from the package Has design flaws that hurt users' back instead of providing support Much more expensive compared to other brands and models
Bottom Line

The Hero Chair tried to give gamers a great gaming experience but fell short and instead delivered an uneven performance. Because it lacked attention to details, what could have been an excellent addition to our gaming sessions, instead turned into a big problem. Instead of helping to prevent back problems, the Noble Chairs Hero Chair failed to execute its primary purpose correctly.

However, it was able to provide well-rounded features that allow us to enjoy better gaming experience in the best-case scenario. If you happen to get a model without any of the problems mentioned above, then consider yourself lucky and enjoy the hours of gameplay you'll have while getting the comfort you expect from the Noble Chairs Hero Chair. Because at it's best, it can certainly hold its own against the top-ranking gaming chairs out in the market.

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3. AKRacing Core Series EX Gaming Chair

Stylish and high quality, suitable for up to 330lbs.
Product Highlights
  • Affordable, high-quality gaming chair
  • Comes with great functional features
Beautifully designed and well-engineered All products are created in-house in their own factory Serves up to 12 people, perfect for guests
May have armrest issues
Bottom Line

The AKRacing Core Series EX Gaming Chair is an absolute beast of a chair, with its affordable price, beautiful design, and excellent features that add to its value. Despite suffering from some setbacks with regards to its armrests, it is still one of the best gaming chairs out now and can provide you with hours of comfort while you play all day and all night.

Overall, the AKRacing Core Series EX Gaming Chair is a great buy and will certainly tick all the criteria you are looking for in a reliable gaming chair. And for it's relatively smaller price compared to other high-end gaming chairs, this chair is sure to deliver comfort for both your posture and your pocket too. Best to get one now before its price increases or everyone else beats you to it.

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4. Von Racer Massage gaming Chair

Built-in massage functionality for an affordable price
Product Highlights
  • Flawless design, you can't go wrong with this gaming chair
  • One of the best gaming chairs for an unbeatable price
Excellent features to keep your game on Stylish, functional design that keeps you focused on the game Offers a comfort like no other
No apparent flaws
Bottom Line

The Von Racer Massage Gaming Chair took us by surprise and swept us all off our feet with its excellent value, made possible with a functional design, high-quality materials, amazing features, and its affordable price range. There are absolutely no errors in this product, which only adds more value to its already impressive capabilities.

It delivers cutting edge features including the best back support, a great back massager, comfortable footrests, versatile recliner, and its overall quality. It stands as one of the best gaming chairs ever and is very much deserving of the title, as no other product will ever be a great as the Von Racer Massage Gaming Chair. Now is the best time to get your hands on one, before they all get snagged out of the market.

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5. Homall Gaming Chair

After slight-break in, this chair is ready for gaming sessions.
Product Highlights
  • Exceptional quality at an unbeatable price
  • Well suited for bigger users and anyone looking for an ergonomic chair
  • Sturdy and built for heavy-duty gaming
  • Orthopedically and ergonomically designed
  • Has an excellent load capacity of up to 300lbs
  • May have slight issues with the armrests
  • Some quality issues may occur during the first few weeks of use
Bottom Line

Unfortunately, the Homall Gaming Chair also succumbs to its weaknesses and fails to deliver overall satisfaction to its customers. While it achieves much through its excellent features and provides high performance, its flaws are a bit too big to ignore. However, these can be overlooked thanks to its understanding of what gamers need when getting ready for long hours of action online and offline. 


Its stylish design, extensive and full support of the back, neck, and head area are all much needed, so you can keep playing for longer hours without back concerns. And with its tilt and angle systems, you can experience a game more comfortable than ever. And for players on a budget, the Homall Gaming Chair is the best choice, thanks to its legendary price of no more than $100. Overall, it gives a balanced approach between comfort and affordability.  

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Gaming Chair Buyers Guide

Gaming chairs are one of the most important pieces of equipment you should invest in if you are an avid gamer. Make no mistake about it, these chairs are not only for professional gamers.

If you do a lot of office work at home or inside a cubicle, you’d be surprised by how a gaming chair can seamlessly replace your not-so-ergonomic office chair.

You can invest in a high-end gaming chair if you are really serious about climbing the leaderboards or opt for a mid-range quality chair that still does its job well.

Let us give you a rundown of what to look for in a gaming chair, but first, let’s discuss the importance of ergonomics in designing your gaming station.

Ergonomic Gaming

In the world of gaming, it’s not all fun and, well, games. (Sorry, we had too!) You wouldn’t know how managing your gaming environment is crucial until you develop neck stiffness and lumbar problems.

Ergonomic gaming is a fancy name for the application of ergonomics in order to stay comfortable and healthy while gaming. Ergonomics involves the optimization of products to fit human use, often by refining their design or arranging them in a certain order.

Video gaming has gotten a bad rap among health professionals. From poor posture to back pains, obesity, and wrist problems–there’s no shortage of medical conditions that are somehow linked to excessive use of video games.

There is a clear friction between the addictive nature of video games and the usual environment where we play. A typical home setting is just not conducive to a comfortable gaming experience.

But a lot of things have changed over the last decade. Lucky for us, technology is catching up pretty fast. We now have a plethora of accessories and equipment that can take our gaming experience to an entirely new level.

Proper Posture: The Secret to Better Gaming

We probably don’t need to explain why long-term gaming is linked to a variety of health problems. Those movement breaks in between games are helpful and very much recommended, but you can do more than stretching those legs.

Modifying your gaming/working station, ergo applying ergonomics is important in achieving proper posture while you work or play. Those gaming chairs (that look like racing seats) significantly help in maintaining an upright position and minimizing pressure on your wrist and neck, so you don’t start feeling tired.

Good posture keeps your joints and bones in proper alignment; that’s why it’s so important!

But, our gaming environment often dictates how we sit while playing so it’s difficult to consciously assume the most optimal posture. When you are so caught up in the game, you don’t really realize when you are hunching forward, slouching, or sliding down the chair.

Let’s be honest, a regular office chair doesn’t provide support in the right areas.

The main purpose of a gaming chair is to promote optimal posture, but it’s only a piece in the ergonomic puzzle. You also need to position your monitor the right way and choose a gaming mouse and keyboard–but that’s a story for another time.

Gaming chairs are designed to make you comfortable even if you sit on them for hours doing repetitive motions. In addition, newer models now come with amazing features that will upgrade your gaming experience. You have to consider those “little something extra” when buying a new gaming chair.

Benefits of Using a Gaming Chair

You already have a comfy office chair, so why do you need a gaming chair? If your chair fits your body size, promotes proper posture, and supports your lower back, then you probably don’t need to click on that “add to cart” button.

An ergonomic chair won’t solve all your gaming problems; they can, however, make a big difference in your health and comfort, but only if you choose wisely. Aside from unparalleled comfort, here are some of the benefits of using a gaming chair:

Chairs with headrests keep your head and shoulders relaxed in a neutral position.

Many chairs can be customized to support users with injuries or disabilities.

There are many styles to choose from to satisfy your aesthetic tastes.

It caters to different body types, height, and weight.
The market is competitive so there are many products across a wide price spectrum.

It will improve your sitting posture.

Some are built with cooling materials that regulate body temperature.

Important considerations when purchasing a gaming chair

There is a case to be made that a gaming chair is nothing but a marketing gimmick. A lot of people seem to buy them because they look cool.

The glaring difference between a gaming chair and a regular chair is the higher backrest and lumbar cushions. But its the design that makes gamers buy them on a whim.

Once they sit on it, though, some are surprised that it’s not as comfortable as they hoped. It’s because, like everything else, buying a gaming chair can be a bit hit-and-miss. Most of these chairs can only be bought online, so there’s no chance of testing them first.

If you haven’t checked the height, weight capacity, or even the material of your chair before purchasing, then you should brace yourself for more ugly surprises. So, be a diligent shopper and evaluate your options before you make your next purchase.
Upholstery Material

Comfort is a given when choosing a PC gaming chair. Why would anyone want to spend more cash on a glorified office chair that is not even remotely comfortable?

Some buyers fail to realize that their chair’s upholstery plays a big role in the level of comfort they will experience. Below are some of the most common materials you will find in popular gaming chairs.

PU Leather – the higher pricepoint of real leather means you can only find them among high-end chairs. Most gaming chairs advertised as made of leather are actually made of PU leather. These are synthetic leather manufactured using split leather (the leftover cowhide when creating genuine leather) coated with polyurethane–a plastic that came from petroleum byproducts. Chairs made of PU leather are water-resistant and looks like real leather, but they trap heat so you’ll sweat more.

PVC Leather – another faux leather made from cow split and coated with PVC (polyvinyl chloride). PVC is cheaper than PU and genuine leather. They are flame-, stain-, and water-resistant but they are the least breathable.

Fabric – a breathable material that is better at absorbing moisture. They are generally softer and more comfortable to sit in but are less durable. You have to be extra careful if you have a gaming chair made of fabric as they are vulnerable to stains and dirt.

Mesh – gaming chairs reinforced with mesh are the most breathable, but they’re obviously more difficult to clean than leather or faux leather. If you want a comfortable chair that offers better ventilation and airflow at an attractive price, look for mesh as its main upholstery material.


An ergonomically designed chair has a high level of adjustability. The complimentary lumbar pillow does the job (sometimes) but a chair with adjustable lumbar support that can be adapted to the curvature of your spine is even better.

Even high-end chairs’ lumbar cushions get a lot of flak for being too low or too high. It seems like finding a chair with a perfect lumbar support feature is still an ordeal to some. So it’s probably a good idea to do your research and see if you can find reviewers who have the same preferences as you do.

Almost all gaming chairs out there have a tilt-and-recline feature, adjustable armrest, and adjustable height. Seriously, a chair with adjustable everything is a dream. Being able to adjust your chair to your particular preferences is critical for an ideal sitting experience.


An armrest is a necessary chair feature both for gaming and computing because it prevents wrist problems. Fixed-position armrests can be annoying because there’s a chance they won’t fit under your desk.

Some gamers rest their arms on their desks and would rather play without armrests, so pick chairs with adjustable or removable armrests if you’re that kind of gamer. But you really should try to give your armrests a chance as they can reduce wrist strain.


If a professional-looking chair is what you’re aiming for, forget these gaudy, racing-style, gaming chairs. Some people think they look awesome, others think they are fugly.

This doesn’t mean you won’t find a handsome leather chair that blends well with your upscale décor. You just need luck in hunting because it’s the race car style chairs that currently dominate the market.
Height and Weight Requirements

This is an important consideration, as there are certain models that will not work for your body type. And the reason why many unsatisfied buyers return their chairs is that they don’t fit them and they can’t be adjusted.

There are chairs specifically designed for smaller or larger users. Chairs with metal support structures tend to have a higher weight capacity.

If the height and weight requirements are not mentioned in the store’s website, then you should look for a different option. Many gaming chairs under $200 have a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs.

System Compatibility

Many advanced gaming chairs have the capability to integrate with your console or PC. Some chairs even have built-in USB ports where you can charge your controllers. Others incorporate speakers and subwoofers to further immerse you in your game.

An additional motion simulator feature that makes the chair vibrate, tilt, and shake based on the game you are playing offers a more realistic gaming experience, but they may also come with a hefty price tag.
Other Awesome Features

A top of the line gaming chair may come with additional perks. Not every gamer will need these add-ons, but you’ll never know if something is indispensable unless you try them.

The bottom line

Playing video games is an opportunity to relax and have some fun. Whether you are a casual gamer, professional gamer, or someone who needs to sit on a chair for 8 hours a day, it’s important to design an ergonomic gaming setting that will protect you from potential health issues, encourage good posture, and boost productivity.

Gaming Chairs FAQ

Q: How do I clean a gaming chair?
A: It depends on the cushioning material of your chair. Vacuuming any chair to collect loose residue is safe. You can wipe dirt and stain from PU and PVC leather using a slightly damp cloth. If you have a mesh chair, you can also clean it using a damp, soapy cloth. For small cracks that are not accessible by a cleaning rag, use a soft-bristled brush or cotton buds.

Q: Can I change the lumbar cushion of my gaming chair?
A: Some gaming chairs have a removable or adjustable lumbar cushion. You can replace it with a more comfortable pillow or reposition it for better comfort. Fixed lumbar support cannot be removed or modified.

Q: How can I return an assembled gaming chair?
A: Most furniture can be returned even if they were assembled. Check the product’s return policy and warranty from the manufacturer. Some chairs have a 30-60-day return policy so you can check and have them replaced if they don’t suit your needs.

Q: Can a gaming chair treat my back pain?
A: Only a medical professional can design the best treatment plan for your back pain. Gaming chairs are not intended to treat any medical condition, but can definitely improve back pains by supporting your shoulders and back and correcting poor posture over time.

Q: My gaming chair is not comfortable enough, what should I do?
A: Give it a few days or weeks. New gaming chairs could make you feel sore the first time you used them, especially if you are used to regular chairs. Since an ergonomic chair encourages better sitting posture, it requires a bit of adjustment for people with poor posture.